RWS Group, LLC is a strategic development and change facilitation consulting firm that provides inspired results to facilitate organizational improvement and growth. In other words, we help you manage growth and change in your business by improving processes/systems as well as preparing your personnel for the modifications.

With offices in Canada and the United States, RWS Group has an established reputation for providing quality, cost-effective, professional guidance and technical services to the private business sector, government (local, state, provincial, federal) and non-profit organizations.

As your working partner, RWS Group, LLC can assist your organization in successfully navigating the challenges of:
  • Organization growth and development
  • Change management
  • Human capital investment and management

"In today's fast-paced global business environment, the core competitive advantage for any organization is their capacity for mastering change and growth quickly and efficiently."

Dr. Robert W. Sopo
President and CEO
RWS Group, LLC

Detroit, Michigan USA
Phone: (248) 909-9440

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